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About Me

I didn't always know I was a healer. For twenty years I wrote romance novels, around eighty in all. A death in my family and an injury changed my life and took me in new directions. I still write all the time, though not romance. At the time of my injury I thought I'd lost so much: my health, my balance, my ability to create. Yet the spiritual journey has taken me down many paths that have been exciting and sometimes unbelievable. One day I “heard” that it was time to reach out to others who might be on the "unknown" path, and Tina Leonard Healing was born. For many years now I've been a student of healing methods, trauma and grief recovery, sound healing, energy work, and the worlds beyond our understanding. Dragons and angels, unicorns and fairies accompany my days, and from a place of pain I grew into my gifts. I have a shop on Etsy where I sell crystals and tools for healing, sourced consciously for maximum good on this planet. But my biggest joy is helping other souls find their magick.

Christ-based healer, creative guide, trauma informed, LGBTQ love, 80 books as Tina Leonard, TinaLeonardHealing Etsy crystals shop, and Tina's Shopify Shop. To schedule a session, click here.


My current services can be booked in several places. To schedule an appointment, visit one of the following:

To schedule a Distance Shamanic Healing appointment on Calendly, click here!
To schedule Tarot and Oracle reading through my Shopify shop, click here!
To schedule Tarot and Oracle reading through my Etsy shop, click here!


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“I feel like the change really started with my sessions with you.” - TH

“This reading really provided me confidence in my position.” - CB

"I really enjoyed the card reading you gave me. It rang true on so many levels and really helped me." - KB, Arizona

"Your reading resonated with me, was beautiful to read, I can't really put into words how it felt, like floating." - Jack, CA

"I had such a healing experience today. It felt so good and freeing. Thank you." - D, Kentucky

"I about fell over in my kitchen. You know nothing about me yet that reading was spot on. I don't think you realize how much I needed that. Thank you so many times over. You're truly a blessing." - B, Pennsylvania

"The complimentary reading she provided with the order left my jaw on the floor. Absolutely incredible, accurate, and gave me the confidence I needed to change jobs after 5 years. Can't recommend her and her shop enough, thank you SO much." - Mary, Indiana

"You are very powerful and I thank you for sharing your gifts." - LK, Wisconsin

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